Why we export coffee

Expocamo was founded in September 2015 with the mission to develop long term commercial relationships between specialty coffee roasters around the globe and  Nicaraguan coffee producer. We strive to make  this possible through trust, transparency, traceability and honesty and above all, guaranteeing the finest coffee of Nicaragua to our clients

This mission is the brainchild of Co-founder Francisco Javier Valle Garcia, managing director of the company. Together with a devoted team of agronomists, cuppers and coffee professionals the company has grown exponentially by staying true to our mission. Francisco has experience at both ends of the coffee chain as multiple generation coffee farmer and former head roaster at Stumptown Coffee Roasters. This unique combination of knowledge helps Expocamo to push boundaries in the Nicaraguan specialty coffee industry.  

At the core of the company are eventually, of course, the farmers. Our growth could not have been possible without the integrity of the excellent farmers growing some of Nicaragua´s finest coffee. Some have been cultivating coffee for decades, others just recently finished their studies and are giving it 100% to flourish with a fresh farm. Either way, these people believe in quality just as much we do; and they deserve recognition for it. Producing specialty coffee in Nicaragua requires significant investment, much more labor and a respectable amount of knowledge. Nevertheless, this is the way to go. 

We pay coffee producers according to the quality they produce, our team of agronomists is out in the field everyday to help them achieve and improve their quality. Globally it can be noticed that quality is the key to sustainable development as the demand for specialty coffee keeps increasing. Unfortunately, Nicaragua has been left behind in this development, but by maintaining sustainable long-term relationships we envision to blaze the trail for the Nicaraguan specialty coffee industry. This way of working is quite revolutionary in Nicaragua and may cause some confusion for farmers who used to sell their coffee to anonymous exporters or coyotes. Hence, we provide complete transparency towards the farmers we work with: cupping scores, prices paid for their coffee and other details are always available to them to consult. 

In the end, creating added-value for everyone involved is what coffee exporting is all about for us. Farmers are empowered to grow their business through increased income, roasters get to serve better coffee everyday and the consumers get to discover more of the amazing world of specialty coffee. With a devotion to integrity, long-term relationships and quality we believe that this will give Nicaraguan coffee the world stage it deserves.