arjen roersma - la orquidea

Cup of excellence Nicaragua 2017 winner #7

Field report

Finca La Orquidea is incredibly well maintained and fully embedded in the surrounding nature. In fact, the farm consists of 80% conserved mountain area. Arjen combines coffee farming with his eco-tourism company in Matagalpa. There is ample space for camping and hiking, although this was the initial idea, specialty coffee is gaining more attention as well.

Arjen came to Nicaragua years ago to work on water-related projects, like many others he fell in love with Nicaragua and sticked around. He now runs an eco-tourism company in Matagalpa and lives in the tranquil hills of Aranjuez together with his wife. The four hectares of coffee started out as a hobby, there had not been a good harvest until this year. The coffee used to be sold locally to restaurants and cafe's with little attention to quality. Luckily that changed when we first cupped this coffee; we were absolutely blown away by this 'Poder Holandés'.

 Specialty coffee has now become a more endearing topic and the road to quality improvements begins this year. Arjen is interested in planting new varieties, improving the wetmill infrastructure and more. Nevertheless, the natural environment remains most important. The sedimentation tanks to process waste water are a great example of this vision as well as the seventeen hectares of preserved forest. 

farm facts


Aranjuez, Jinotega


1380 - 1600 meters above sea level


Catuaí, caturra & maracaturra


10 years


21 hectares. 4 cultivated & 17 preserved