Danilo gomez - la union

Field report

La Union lays deep in the valleys of the Dipilto municipality in the Nueva Segovia region in Northern Nicaragua. Finding a farm in the complicated network of bumpy dirt tracks can be challenging at times; even for locals. There is little signage, but fortunately there a plenty of friendly people willing to provide directions when needed. The surroundings are stunning, lush rainforests and segovia trees cover the hillsides as for as the eye can reach. This area boasts numerous species of flora and fauna and in harmony with all of this lay the coffee farms, of which la union is one.

Danilo Gomez started La Union more than ten years ago and is known to produce consistently good coffee. The 1480 meters of altitude combined with healthy caturra, red catuaí and yellow catuaí contribute to this success. Another variety Danilo grows is maragogype which is known to thrive in this area; in fact, another plot of ´mara´ is on the way.

Unfortunately last year not all coffee reached the specialty coffee requirements, many factors could be the cause. Coffee remains a difficult crop and very dependent on climate conditions and other issues beyond human control. This led Danilo in the some debt, in order to repay this debt this year's harvest was promised to a large exporter who offers pre financing. This would mean that expocamo,  could not purchase this coffee this year. We were a bit shocked to hear this news when we visited Danilo, his specialty coffee is desirable and we want to continue the formed relationships in Europe. During a tour of the farm we discussed the possibilities to buy his coffee anyways. This is a producer who understands the value of a good relationship and showed respectable flexibility to continue to work with us. We are in extase to be able to say that La Union specialty coffee will be available for another year through Expocamo.

farm facts


La laguna, Dipilto, Nueva Segovia


1480 meters above sea level


Caturra, red catuaí, yellow catuaí & maragogype


11 years